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A Series of

Litmus A Freeman

Interactive Workshops

which Aim to Share much of the Rediscovered and previously Esoteric

Wisdom of the Universe

with all those Free Spirits Open & Ready to Receive and Share the Love

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To Book Your Spot at Any Wisdom Workout Please Send an Email to:

'freeman at wisdomworkouts dot net'

The workshops are offered freely but an appropriate contribution may be required from attendees towards refreshments etc at some of the venues

Anything else you wish to donate to The Free Spirits Collective at the end of the workshop is entirely voluntary and at your own discretion


The Next

Wisdom Workout


2nd SIX-Virgo 13522 UCC

(Sunday 22nd August 2021 Gregorian)

NB. Postponed Due To Illness

The SHAPE of My Chart II
'Zooming In'

Shape of My Chart No.2

This workshop is for anyone that attended The Shape of My Chart Part 1

It will also be of interest to those with a basic knowledge of astrology who wish to enhance their depth of understanding


Shape of My Chart No.2 Details

Thanks to Selma Rijkhoff for the artwork


To Book Your Spot
Send a Message to Casa Zenzah on
(+351) 920 098 216

With your time, date and place of birth

The workshop is offered freely but with a basic contribution of €15 to cover venue & refreshment costs, marketing, publicity and printing etc

Anything else you wish to donate to the presenter at the end of the workshop is entirely voluntary and at your own discretion



Previous Events


25 FIVE-Leo 13522 UCC

(Sunday 15th August 2021 Gregorian)

13:00 - 18:00

The SHAPE of My Chart

This 'Wisdom Workouts' Workshop was a rerun of the first Astrology Workshop previously held at Casa Zenzah, Ericeira

Shape of My Chart Flyer top

Shape of My Chart middle

Thanks to Selma Rijkhoff for the artwork


This rerun was held at

'The Mansion'

2655 459


No.16 Venue


Testimonial from the first 'SHAPE of My Chart' Wisdom Workout

"...Proceedings open with the phrase 'Astronomology'.

That's a heck of a lot of syllables, and a good first sign of how much Information there is to be uncovered during this event

Freeman is knowledgeable, engaging, and has a lot of information that he clearly loves to share

In his first workshop, I discovered the open secret of where all my fire was hiding!

Highly recommend the workshop to anyone that is curious about what the big deal is about natal charts, and why they may still be relevant today..."

Gary Paddick

Free Spirits Collective


Our first 'Wisdom Workouts' Workshop was held at Casa Zenzah, Ericeira:


3rd FIVE-Leo 13522 UCC

(Saturday 24th July 2021 Gregorian)

The SHAPE of My Chart

shape of my chart flyer

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Sebas, whose idea it was in the first place that I should run an astrology workshop in Ericeira, after I presented the Zodiac to him and Selma Rijkhoff in the spring

Although I've previously presented many workshops over many years, Sebas' interest was one of the things that helped to give me the push I needed to break free of a difficult winter period of feelings of worthlessness and to get back into action!

So A BIG Thank You also to Selma Rijkhoff for picking up Sebas' idea, making it all happen, designing the artwork and the Free Spirits Collective logo

Another BIG Thank You! To Lurah at Casa Zenzah for hosting this inaugural event


Birth Charts

In this Workshop we used the 'Astro-Dienst' website to generate our Birth Charts.


You were given a hard copy of your chart to take away with you


Birth Chart Interpretation Reports

We used the 'Cafe Astrology' Website to generate our Birth Chart Interpretation Reports


(enter your birth data and click 'Submit' and the website will generate your report)

The Cafe Astrology Report also includes a version of your birth chart, towards the end of the document.


Transits & Synastry (Compatibility)

Once you have generated your Cafe Astrology Birth Chart Interpretation Report look at the top left of the document


Click on 'Transits' to "...see the planets' influence on your natal chart for the next 14 days:..."


Click on 'add a person' to analyse "...Compatibility for Lovers..."

(NB. Although this is worded for romantic relationships it can be used to compare astrological compatibility for ANY two people)


Astrology 'Cheat Sheet'

In the workshop we looked at the Energies of the Planets and their Aspects, the Signs and Houses

Below is a 'cheat sheet', from an Astrology Website, which you can download to study and better learn the Energies

for studying your own or other people's charts


The Freeman Calendar

We also briefly looked at the 'Freeman Calendar' - 'The Universal Celestial Calendar (UCC) - and how it aligns with the Zodiacs.

UCC Balanced Zodiac Graphic

Using the UCC can really help us realign with our natural rhythms and get back in synch with our natural universal cycles

This helps to keep OUR 'moment' in synch with THE moment, the infinite, universal moment!

To find out more about the UCC and how, like astrology, it can help balance your life

Click Here To Go To The UCC Start Page


We also have a Web Development APP for the UCC which will install to your browser menu bar, desktop or phone's home screen

Click Here To Jump To The UCC 'Calendar Clock' APP


See you at the next Wisdom Workout!


- o X o -


Details of all future 'Wisdom Workout' Workshops will be shared on this site



(Peace, Love and Freedom)

Litmus A Freeman - written


© Litmus A Freeman - Wisdom Workouts - Since 13510 UCC (2009 Gregorian)